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At one of the lowest prices in the entire fantasy football industry, you won’t need to look anywhere else to maximize your winnings this football season.

At one of the lowest prices in the entire fantasy football industry, you won’t need to look anywhere else to maximize your winnings. We are here to help you #ScoreMore #FantasyPoints. Subscribe today!


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The team at Fantasy Points has consistently ranked among the top experts in the entire industry, including the #1 most accurate site among 140+ sites/experts in 2015 and 2018, #3 in 2013, #4 in 2016, and, most notably, #1 in composite rankings from 2015 - 2018. Starting with Post-Super Bowl analysis and going right through the following year’s Super Bowl, we’ll be here to cover the Combine, the Draft, OTAs and more in preparation for your fantasy drafts, while keeping tabs on appealing NFL Futures and off-season player props. Fantasy Points will also provide the sharpest daily fantasy content at the most valuable price, ripe with Cheat Sheets for the top DFS sites, salary breakdowns, Tournament and GPP analysis, and more.

Some websites charge hundreds of dollars for a separate DFS package, but not us. With our Premium package, you get 100% of the site; no add-ons, no preseason upcharge, no fine print. We also boast in-depth statistical analysis, player film breakdown from NFL Films Legend Greg Cosell, inside analysis from NFL Analyst Adam Caplan, and provide the most comprehensive picture of each NFL player for subscribers to evaluate come draft day!

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We boast an analytics-powered Draft Tool to help you maximize your fantasy points during draft time. Use our season projections and select a scoring system to generate recommended draft picks based on current roster, opponent’s roster, positional needs, anticipated positional runs, and more. Choose whether you want to draft based on upside, best available player, or roster depth. Once you’ve drafted, import your fantasy football team from one of several popular fantasy sites (Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, MyFantasyLeague, or NFFC) and sync with our projections and leaderboards. Our system will highlight on any of our databases your players and your leaguemates’ players. Finally, stay on top of the DFS leaderboards each week with our DFS Lineup Optimizer, designed to help churn out unique and ideal lineups based on salary, projections, and your own input.

Online Tools
Projections and Cheat Sheets

Projections and cheat sheets

With a Fantasy Points subscription, you’ll be sure to get some of the most accurate Draft help in the industry. Want to get a head start on your weekly matchup, roster decisions, and Waiver Wire moves? No problem. At Fantasy Points, we have our weekly projections posted every Tuesday night, with detailed comments added every Wednesday. Additionally, we update our weekly projections constantly, every day leading up to Thursday Night Football and Sunday kickoff. We don’t just predict the weekly rankings and assign players a number. We project the stats, and let the math do the rest. Don’t be fooled by other sites that give you simple weekly rankings. Go with Fantasy Points, and you’ll get projections down to the nitty gritty.

Finally, you can access our weekly projections with Daily Fantasy salaries adjacent to help you make smarter DFS selections based on salary and statistical projection. While we’ll be projecting stats and fantasy points each week and for the season, we’ll also be providing several rankings. Looking ahead to next year? The year after? Five years down the road? Then enjoy our Keeper/Dynasty Rankings. Our IDP guys Justin Varnes and Tom Simons will also be putting out their own IDP rankings.

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Founder of FantasyGuru in 1995, SiriusXM Host, DirecTV host and lifelong fantasy analyst, John Hansen is moving on to his next project with some familiar faces. We bring to the table a collection of journalists, analysts, medical personnel, professors, radio personalities, and more. No other website has a more comprehensive roster of analysts, including NFL Films Legend Greg Cosell, NFL Insider Adam Caplan, Orthopedic Surgeon and Super Bowl Champion Dr. Mark Adickes, and experts with a combined 50+ years in the industry! Check out our full staff page to read more about our entire crew. And by signing up for, you’ll be part of our roster too!

At one of the lowest prices in the entire fantasy football industry, you won’t need to look anywhere else to maximize your winnings. We are here to help you #ScoreMore #FantasyPoints. Subscribe today!