Our 2022 Plans


As we wrap up our second NFL season as a company, it honestly feels like Fantasy Points has been around for at least half a decade given the progress and the inroads in the industry we’ve made. We’ve executed well, and when it comes to rolling out new offerings and upgrades, we’ve been careful not to bite off more than we can chew. The result has been a well-functioning site that’s easy to use. We rolled out plenty of items this year such as our Roster Importer, which after several years of development was greatly improved. We also produced major upgrades to our DFS Optimizer and the Fantasy Points Generator draft software. We made a ton of other great advancements this year, as you’ve likely noticed, but the thing I’m most excited about is the passage of time. With three full years of developing the site while steadily rolling out new products and features, my “to do” list for Fantasy Points is getting smaller and smaller. That means we’re truly starting to flirt with perfection when it comes to a fantasy content site.

At the end of the day, all of us here at Fantasy Points are fantasy junkies like you are, and we just want to build the best fantasy content site in the world both for you and for ourselves. We’re hardly done trying, and in fact, I think “perfection” is in play as early as 2022.

  • John Hansen, Publisher


Supercharged DFS Optimizer

While we’re still hashing out details with our developers and DFS analysts, we know that despite improvements in 2021, our NFL DFS Optimizer still has room to grow. So we’re spending time working on various stacking options and more to make our DFS Optimizer even more robust. Please note that the new Supercharged DFS Optimizer will come with a price increase, however, users will still have the option to purchase the currently constructed Optimizer for the same 2021 price.

Player Prop Tool

If you followed John Hansen or Paul Kelly for the 2021 season, chances are you finished in the green when it came to player props! For the 2022 NFL season, we’re taking Paul Kelly’s discrepancy method (Fantasy Points projection vs. player prop) and turning into a player prop tool! This prop tool will highlight major differences between our player projections--whether for pass attempts, rushing yards, receiving yards, etc--and that player’s prop line, based specifically on % difference to target as a bet or a lean.

Note: Beta version shown above. Prop Finder will undergo changes closer to the 2022 season.

Site Refresh & Improvements

We’re always collecting feedback, whether it be little things our staff notices, comments from social media, or customer support tickets. We’re currently working on more improvements to site navigation to enhance the user experience, which includes better content organization. Other common requests that we’ll be fulfilling the NFL offseason include exporting of projections to CSV file, remembering league scoring choice between pages, and more.

More League Imports

We improved our League Importer Tool from 2020 to allow a more seamless import experience, plus added integration into our projections. If you haven’t imported any leagues yet, here’s the deal: On our weekly projections page, you’ll see players on your roster highlighted in yellow, players on leaguemates’ rosters highlighted in blue, and available free agents without a highlight.

We currently have import capabilities for MyFantasyLeague, ESPN, CBS, NFL, Yahoo, and Sleeper. For 2022, we’ll be adding integration with RT Sports and Fantrax.

Enhanced Discord Experience

After both the 2020 season and the 2021 season, we sent out a Subscriber Feedback form. Part of that feedback was to gauge the community sentiment here on Fantasy Points. Needless to say, we’re thrilled with the general consensus thus far!

That said, we know we can make our community even stronger. With that in mind, we’re opening our Discord community chat to ALL active subscribers, whether you’re a Premium subscriber with access to the Optimizer, or simply a Basic subscriber who tunes in to some free shows. But don’t worry, paying members… this Discord restructure will be based on subscription type and level, so only Premium members will be able to access DFS and Betting channels, while Standard members will have access to channels for dynasty, waiver wire, etc. There will still be channels and access for Basic level subscribers, however.

More College Football

We had such a great response to our 2021-22 College Bowl Guide powered by Kevin Coleman, Josh Chevalier, Wes Huber, and Campus2Canton’s Austin Nace, that we’re splitting out CFB into a separate package with even more content. It’ll be a separate charge, but we’ll have more DFS content, more Betting content, more shows, and some in-depth Devy breakdown.

More Free Shows

Even if you’re a Basic subscriber or just a Twitter follower and not a subscriber at all (yet), we still love you! So while we’ll still have a few paywalled shows during the season (Matchup Points, Cashing Points, TBD), we’re going to be offering plenty more shows for FREE and available to watch via YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or on the site. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications.

Also be sure to follow the Fantasy Points Media Group on Twitter for even more free shows. Thanks to all the fantastic groups and analysts part of the FPMG, we’ll be able to open up a slew of programming all year long.


We’re keeping a few things under wraps, but stay glued to Fantasy Points social media accounts and email announcements regarding a sport expansion! With a new sport comes new great analysts and even more interaction.

  • Ben Kukainis, Dir. of Operations


We’ll once again be holding a couple Town Halls after the Super Bowl, a perfect opportunity for our staff to answer common questions and for subscribers and followers to engage with our analysts. Looking back at our 2021 Plans, we either addressed or completed everything we set out to do. Now, with 2022 underway, we’re hoping to exceed expectations and make Year 3 of Fantasy Points even better. From all of us here at Fantasy Points, we hope you had a great 2021, and look forward to seeing you back for 2022!