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2020 COVID-19 Policy

With Week 4 providing the first true test of the NFL's contingencies regarding COVID-19, we wanted to remind everyone of our 2020 policy. Per our Coronavirus and 2020 Policy found in Terms & Conditions:

“If, for any reason, the NFL season is cut short… we will be offering a discount for the 2021 NFL season for active subscribers based on the week during which the NFL season is canceled. Prior to Week 12, each week missed will result in a 3.5% discount off of a 2021 subscription. If the regular season reaches Week 12, we will not provide a future discount. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO USERS WHO HAVE AN ACTIVE STANDARD OR PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION AT THE TIME OF THE SEASON’S CANCELLATION.”

We cannot prorate future discounts based on time of purchase. At this time, per our T&C, if the season were to be halted after Week 4, we would be offering a 24.5% discount to the already discounted early-bird rate for 2021 subscriptions. If the season stops after Week 5, that discount would be 21.0%. After Week 6, 17.5%, and so on.

Because we cannot prorate any future discounts, all purchases are treated the same, whether the subscription was purchased in May or in September. As stated on our subscription page, by subscribing to Fantasy Points, you accept our Terms and Conditions, which includes our Coronavirus and 2020 policies.

While we cannot prorate future discounts, if the NFL season is halted or canceled before any given Sunday, all purchases made after the previous week's conclusion will be refunded. For example, an individual who purchases a subscription on a Tuesday after Week 5 will be fully refunded if the NFL season is halted and canceled prior to the Week 6 Sunday kickoff.